Monday, December 09, 2002

weak ends

sunday, december 08, 2002

More TNG reruns fill my afternoon, after lunch at Curry in a Hurry, a "fast food" Indian eat spot in the Global Mall on Jimmy Carter Blvd. The biryani was the closest I've ever had to something from back home. The spice mix could turn you off, if you're not a fan of Indian cuisine. Bland food junkies stay home and gorge on mashed potatoes. All others welcome. Don't let the spartan milieu fool you. And while you're there, take a look at their menu -- the last page has cool details on the ingredients of Indian dishes -- an eyeopener even for the average Indian.

saturday, december 09, 2002

what does one do over the weekend sans transportation? precious little. Watched the rest of Flawless (started it off on Friday). Strange overtones of P T Anderson, but that's possibly because of Philip Seymour Hoffman giving the role of a misunderstood 'drag queen' ("Well, life's a bitch, so I became one, honey!"). Robert de Niro lunges at the opportunity to play a stroke victim and the film suffers from the effects of the Joel Schumacher school of filmmaking, making it essentially lightweight, lacking enough depth to be an interesting character/relationship study. And the damn DVD had no english subtitles making it an ordeal trying to figure out what Walt Koontz (de Niro) was mumbling... but then you get used to it .. Lady Marmalade resurfaces, predictably, but it's such a fun song.

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