Saturday, December 14, 2002

screen tidbits

Screen seems to have begun delaying the updates on their online portal with each new issue. Yesterday's page was full of week-old links and it's only today that I can see something new. Here's a little offering: sequels in Bollywood, middle-aged cinema {aka we're too old to do the tree dance, let's start a pre-geriatric crusade for stardom}, an interview with the fresh princes of plagiari-pop, Sanjeev-Darshan (quote: After all, a television channel today can air a Michael Jackson hit, a Shakira number and a Hindi film song one after another. But Indian melody will always win in the long run. These songs will click or sink on merit, but music like Nadeem-Shravan�s melodies and Devdas will always triumph over them.... biting the hand that feeds you ... Indian melody! pah!) [evidence], looking back at the hit duo Shanker-Jaikishen {probably known to art house moviegoers as the composers of the Hindi song that opens Ghost World}, and assembly-line bubblegum-pop-mush filmmaker Karan Johar pens his thoughts on cinema [gag! choke!].

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