Tuesday, January 10, 2006

don't do this to us ... please

Reusing titles isn't something new in Bollywood. Hell! we reuse plots from all over the globe, so what's a title yaar? But there must be a rule to prevent erosion of titles that are associated with movies that mean more than the average box office earner. We've had mild offenders before what with Shakti getting a suffix The Power, Deewar becoming an exhortation to bring our heroes home ... But sacrilege is upon us. One of the best black comedies in Indian cinema Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro is about to be eclipsed by a Sanjay Sharma dingleberry that tags (incorrectly) an 'n' at the end [dude, get your Hindi straight; it's the sambodhan form and not the plural ... I was shown the light over two years ago]. The soundtrack's by Bappi Lahiri and perhaps his teaming with Daler Mehndi might offer some succour, and perhaps its destined B-status will dilute its impact on Kundan Shah's only masterpiece. Only time will tell.

Addendum [jan 20, 2006]: Suneel Darshan's dismal Mere Jeevan Saathi threatens to override the memory of the musical treat that the original kaakaa starrer was.

Addendum [feb 02, 2006]: Given Rahul Roy's upcoming Naughty Boy, how many people remember an old Kishore Kumar / Kalpana starrer from 1962 directed by Shakti Samantha?

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