Friday, January 20, 2006

the fodder of ignorant folk

After all all the positive press that Sanjay Gupta's rip-off is getting, Rediff notes a poor opening, while the Midday calls it the first hit of 2006. Meanwhile, people are reported to have thrown up and/or fainted after watching the film. Actually, it was Mallika Bhatia, another model-turned-film-appearance-maker; her 14-year-old daughter, meanwhile, watched the film without any ill effects. Um, what was a 14-year-old doing watching this film anyway? I think the real problem in this case is one of negligence. A case of stupid parents.

As for Sanjay Gupta, the dude's going to get crowned for ostentatiously ripping off flicks without apology and crowing to the rooftops about his achievements (including breaking new ground for what's permissible in mainstream Bollywood films).
Raja Sen's well-intentioned public letter is going to earn precious little good. Gupta ain't listening; our stupid audience ain't listening. It's probably a good time to go rent the appropriately titled Diana Hayden vehicle Ab ...Bas!.

Mahesh Bhatt's handling the sex and sleaze angle (he might prove to be a step-successor to the great Raj Kapoor), so Gupta's got a clear playing field of his own. Perhaps the two will join forces one day for aa.Nkhe.n ba.nd kar luu.N, a rip-off of Eyes Wide Shut and Baise-moi.

It's time to get post-post-modern officially and embrace pastiche as the only ma.ntra of Bollywood.

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