Tuesday, January 10, 2006

the future of savvy

First seen in the dismal ode to Pepsi called Footpath, yet another wasted assembly-line song-drama-high-drama contribution from the Bhatt camp, Emran Hashmi surprisingly, in a manner reminiscent of Suniel Shetty's success, managed to make it big. Truth be told, he has never really been cited for his acting merits but more for his rigorously orbicularis oris muscles. This beefcake looks as gariib and clueless as your neighbourhood kaamawaalii, talks like a blubbering mass of jelly, and makes enough attempts at being cool to split your sides asunder. Despite (or because of) his complete lack of ability in any important department in the acting arena, he has managed to become a hit. And it's all because of his kissing, it would seem.

So you're not surprised to see an interview titled I am not kissing Hrishita. Note that this is not a variant of I am not Rappaport or mii nathuraam goDase bolatoy, but something along the lines of a denial of attributed action. The context is his latest film Jawani Diwani (which also qualifies for the defilement-of-established-movie-name category). This box-office nosedive features Kit Ply himself along with two mixes of cellulose and cellulite named Hrishita Bhatt (the recipient of said action referenced in the title) and Celina "bikini" Jaitley (star of such tanks of turd as Janasheen and Khel). On display in the interview are (a) the interviewer's ability to ask pertinent[sic] questions and (b) the interviewee's (our friend The Toad Who Talks) inability to utter anything of consequence. Some excerpts:

Tell us something about Jawani Diwani.
Well, the title itself suggests the youthful joyride and it's a young film with the young people. Lot of comedy and lot of fun moments! There is [sic] lot [sic] of chaos, confusion and funny moments shown in the film.

Tell us something about your character.
I am playing a role of a struggling singer called Mann Kapoor. The guy is very ambitious and loves women as well. It's overall a crazy character. The whole dilemma of his life comes in when he has to take care of his career and the woman he is in love with. There is a lot of chaos, confusion and funny moments.

There are lot of steamy scenes between you and Celina
Yes, there are bold scenes in the film. Intimacy was always a part of my films. It has been shown the way it is. But that is not the focus point of the movie.

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