Monday, January 02, 2006


Guitar Town from the Once upon a time in Mexico OST is playing. Almost on cue the sun peeks out of the white rim of a grey cloud and lights your desk up brighter than it has all through this grey rainy bleak day. The almost bare trees are gently nodding outside. The sounds of an aggressive modern civilisation are conspicuous by their absence ... you can see a few cars drive by, but you don't hear the engines or the horns; you don't hear people playing the wretched rejected dinosaur thumps that pass off as "music"; you don't hear the blessed musical virtuosity of irritating cell phone ringtones; the only hook to technology is this browser window you're typing everything in ... a small allowance.

It's time to get back to ironing your clothes now. The sunlight's giving you a hint. It's almost 5:30pm EST and dusk as we daylight saving time victims know it will soon be upon you.

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