Monday, January 09, 2006

rahul returns ... naughty as hell

Aashiqui launched this star with the flowing hairdo but subsequent films saw him heading down for a dust-bite (remember Sapne Saajan Ke, Gajab Tamasha, Megha, (Yeh) Majhdhaar?). And then there was silence (except for the Suman Ranganathan affair).

Then there was the sinker in September 2005 called Meri Aashiqui.

Flash-forward to the day after Republic Day 2006. T L V Prasad's next film Naughty Boy features our very own Rahul Roy back in action along with budding skin flick talent Mona Chopra. T L V Prasad has been responsible for some classic Mithun flicks like Zakhmi Sipahi and Phool aur Aag as well as the Payal Rohatgi T-n-A vehicle Tauba Tauba.

What happened to Rahul Roy in the meantime and what else does he have on his plate right now? [read on]

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