Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Rediff Seriously Sucks

Rediff iLand has been Rediff's big step forward in the world of blogging. It goes beyond Rediff Blogs. In fact, it goes beyond blogs. According to a help page "Rediff iLand is your very own space on the internet where you can put up your thoughts, photos, ideas and memories. It's also a good place to meet like-minded people, express your opinions and most of all, expand your horizons to encompass the entire world!" If that doesn't help try this even more obtuse comparison with Rediff Blogs: "Rediffblogs, great as it is, has limited capacity. It allows you to express yourself through one medium� writing. Meanwhile, at Rediff iLand, blogging is just one of the many things you can do besides Photos, Avatars, Dreamspaces and many mnay[sic] more things.

Thus, Rediff iLand is a wider, more comprehensive platform for your expressions."

Yeah, I get the picture. I think I'll submit my talent profile for the Clueless auditions.

Take one look at their template and spending the night listening to Lata Mangeshkar's covers of Iron Maiden might seem like a walk in the park. Egregious waste of real estate and overcrowding even in the limited space consumed. Very Indian really.

The less said about their RSS feed the better. I've never seen such escapism (poor pun here, please excuse). If you subscribe to any of them through some popular portal like Bloglines, you'll know what the china shop looked like after the bull was done with it. And a few samples I saw even included the generous crud produced by MSFT's streamlined word-processor-cum-dehumidifier-cum-HTML-editor-cum-white-noise-generator-cum-you-get-the-idea tool called Word. The demographic is stunning. iLand is not. It's mind-numbing. Get your HTML encoding straight first guys. The basics. The details.

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