Wednesday, January 04, 2006

i proud to be beefcake

[notes on the music of the written-but-not-directed-by-Sohail-Khan flick Fight Club]

It seems even less likely that this is a rip-off of the Fincher classic. With such a prime assembly of rejects (thanks for the heads-up Vipul), there's no chance even if hell freezes over that this is going to be a movie worth looking forward to in any form. Moreoever, it reeks of echoes from Ahmed Khan's DOA directorial début Lakeer: Forbidden Lines.

At some point in the opening of the first song ye Kudaa, you're tempted to begin singing ishq hai jhuuTaa from Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena, another Pritam work featuring samples and filches galore. Perhaps it's the nonsensical rap (do it like that) that seems to pervade most Bollywood soundtracks these days. The remix features award-winning rap talk on the lines of you don't know how crazy ishq is / i'm wicked like triple-6 is / kuDiye you taste delicious / take you home to do my dishes.

Since you already have beats and (c)rap, why do you need the obligatory remixed version? Such questions rarely find answers these days.

Next up is another sample-laden appropriation called chhore kii baate.n, this time with due credit to Ali Zafar for using his Channo ki aankhen (which in a few ways reminds me of Pancham's flanger endorsement dhanno kii aa.Nkho.n me.n). Pilferage Prince Pritam manages a coup of sorts by roping in Amit Kumar to sing on the track, but with all those beats and samples floating around, there's not much of AK that you can really relish.

Pritam revisits his work on Chocolate by reusing the sample-and-beat soundscape and reusing the melody of ##mummy## se naa kahanaa for joshiile jawaa.N ho (##go go go fight club##).

bolo naa tum zaraa seems like a undistinguished tribute to the soft, soft-synth-beat-laden, melodic-fill-enhanced Vishal-Shekhar ballads from Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi, Jhankaar Beats, Shaadi ka Laddoo and Home Delivery. And then he had to go ahead and cut a remix of this as well? Yech!

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