Monday, January 30, 2006

titular titillation: cheap sales tactics {last related post}

Of Jethro Tull and Aishwarya Rai screams the headline of a new Rediff article. Aah, you wonder, could this be about Rai performing an item number to open for a Tull show in India? Or is the band that got its name from the inventor of the seed drill going to provide a song for one of Rai's next productions (Dil ka Rishta II: Rishte Mein Hum Dilwale Lagte Hain?)? Neither. And you are tempted to smite yourself for having given this e-trash portal the benefit of the doubt. It's a cheap way of selling bits and pieces about Tull, among other things, since they're doing a few shows with Alms for Shanti. The second paragraph boasts the only mention of the former Miss India now over-hyped talentless eye candy:

Heavy metal pioneers Metallica printed 5,000 t-shirts saying 'Metallica, Grammy winners' before they lost out to a band whose record company was convinced Metallica would win the award for Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Performance "like Aishwarya Rai in the Miss India thing"

Tull should sue for defamation of character (and perhaps, even Metallica should).

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