Tuesday, January 10, 2006

life, the universe, and the censor board [last post in thread]

'Zinda escaped the censors' (note the quotation marks) screams the Rediff article about how Sanjay Gupta's shameless rip-off just cleared censorship with an 'A' certificate (as if that meant anything) and no cuts.

Several things to note here.

Scroll down and read through this SG fellatio-fest and you'll notice that this quote does not appear in the article. Rediff has something presumptuously misleading like this before

And for the first time, the two mainstream heroes -- Sanjay Dutt and John Abraham -- use graphic expletives, including the 'F' word."

Um, actually this has been done before. You probably didn't hear 'em say it, but you could read lips and tell ... Two instances that come to mind: Sunny Deol ranting at the judge outside the courthouse in Lootere (I hope my memory hasn't failed me on the name of the film), Suni(e)l Shetty screaming I'm f**king murtuzaa arzaaii in Chocolate [note before long-due review post: This film is the undisputed winner of the most Surrealist Dadaist Film of 2005].

Surprisingly, there were three women on the censor panel and they loved the film!

I'm not sure if he was surprised that there were not one but three women on the censor panel or if (more likely) he was surprised that they loved the film (I'm surprised too; but you can't blame them with all the trash that they're forced to watch both at work and at home [all those soap operas] ... with its purported violence this film must've felt as cathartic as playing Unreal Tournament with bots named after your managers and project leads).

"I suppose our cinema is growing up" he begins. Yeah, sure. Not content with Hollywood and Japan, we're now ripping off Korean works. Great going. What's next? Thai films?

Though it's a dark film, I've never felt more charged and optimistic about any of my films

any of your films dude? That would explain why they're such soulless pieces of slick ballast.

He sums it all up by claiming, "Zinda wasn't an easy film to make. And, let me warn you, it isn't an easy film to see."

Yes, you will cringe and shift uneasily in your seat as you watch some bold original material being ripped to shreds by this rip-off.

With the slated iid release (Wednesday, Jan 11), Gupta's rip-off looks destined to beat the Hollywood remake to the marquee ... another feather in Bollywood's cap after Naina.

elsewhere: A related tirade from Vipul, who seems all set for doctoral work on this film.

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