Wednesday, January 18, 2006

please could you just answer the question?

QUESTION: Was it your responsibility to answer those questions truthfully, Mr. President?
CLINTON: It was. But it was not my responsibility, in the face of their repeated illegal leaking, it was not my responsibility to volunteer a lot of information.

[From a Katrina Kaif interview by Subhash K Jha]:

Q: Will you be comfortable playing a widow in Sholay?
A: Let's not forget the character was married and widowed young. Ramuji is very clear about what he wants from his actors.

Meanwhile, the talent show Sa Re Ga Ma (Pa?) makes its sellout to mediocrity evident by having such mu{sic}al talents[sic] as Emran Hashmi and Udita Goswami (last seen indulging in some family-rated soft-core sniffing and seduction in a poisonous temporally deficient rip-off from Mohit Suri) ... [scroll down to the bottom of this pointer from JR]

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