Monday, May 13, 2002

Another tale of different film endings: As a post on ramli tells me, Aankhen {earlier post} actually has TWO endings: one for Indian audiences (which has Amitabh being carted off to jail) and one for the overseas market(Amitabh bribes the police and is back on the trail of Kumar and Rampal) . Director Vipul Shah calls the latter a Hollywoodian ending, saying that it wouldn't work with the audiences in India. Well guess what Mr. Shah? Didn't work for us either. The turnaround device involving Sushmita Sen in the second half works to move the film forward, but sadly lacks enough motivation (but of course, since this is a commercial Hindi film, who needs motivation?). The actual robbery has its moments but comes off rather tame. And the rest of the film actually falls apart, not to mention the added copout of an ending.{hindustan times} {my other post on different endings}

{june 13, 2002}: Just found an old rediff article that cites the name of this film (at some point in time) as Ankhmicholi.

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