Friday, May 17, 2002

Sangam is Dinesh Raheja's choice from classic Bollywood today.

As Hrithik upstages second lead Saif Ali Khan in Na Tum Jaano Na Hum (read: another postmodern pastiche of tired plots, tired songs, tired stars, and bored audiences aka the Bollywood ad fest for Pantaloon), Subhash K. Jha looks back at other instances, this time choosing films that people would like to remember.

. . .while Dinesh Raheja revisits some classic Kaifi Azmi lyrics and the charm of Shashi Kapoor.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali talks to Screen about Devdas which will premiere at Cannes next week

Manna Dey turned 82 on the first of May this year. Rajiv Vijaykar takes a look at the impressive career of the oldest living legend in playback singing history.

As Ramesh Taurani talks about The Legend of Bhagat Singh, I just found the fifth Bhagat Singh film. It's directed by Sukumar Nair and stars Sonu Sood as Bhagat Singh. The producer is Iqbal Singh Dhillon, who earlier produced Shaheed Udham Singh. This is slated to be the first of the five films to hit cinema halls (May 24). {see Bhagat Singh films exhibit Dalerism}

Monojit Lahiri wonders if yesterday's heroines were better

As Miramax readies a restored negative of A Hard Day's Night, the film debut of the Beatles, director Richard Lester reminisces.

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