Thursday, May 16, 2002, based in Los Angeles, promises not only to "help you prepare reliable legal documents online," but also to review those documents for "consistency and completeness." all in a $55 will package. And they aren't practising law. {nytimes}

Bluetooth is back: No, not the 10th century Danish King but the wireless utopian technology named for him. Notorious as the technology that cried wolf, Bluetooth is out in a new avatar -- version 1.1. And a host of products to boot. Look out world, no wires ma! (Still expensive though)

Religion is going hi-tech as members of the cloth explore new electronic avenues to reach out to people: webcasting, peppering sermons with movie clips, augmenting discourses with top-notch sound systems, and even PowerPoint. Wonder if rock is still frowned upon by the church... {nytimes}

And Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly is exploring the issues involved in the Microsoft case before making a ruling ... {nytimes}

A new reason for familial strife: The Computer. Families wrestle and argue over using the phone, downloading MP3s, messaging friends, checking email and the like. I can see surveys and polls focusing on the dynamics of politics in the context of technology in homes. Researchers anyone?

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