Friday, May 31, 2002

A moving evening, an obscure drive, dinner and an allegorical film

So my roomate (Mahesh) spent most of his evening packing his stuff while Harish spent his time moving his stuff over. Sandesh dropped over with his car to help with moving all the stuff. After achieving the goal in several trips everyone decided to drive to Denny's for dessert. The closest Denny's is located in a tricky spot off an exit and sure enough although my memory served me right for the exit, we missed the place and were soon driving on Cheshire Bridge Road (which for the unaware is known for a high density of adult entertainment avenues). Sure enough, a rather bizarre drive past stores and bars with often hilarious names (The great Sundown Cafe is also on Cheshire Bridge Road). Finally we settled on Bamboo Luau's Chinatown. The food was good although service was a little slow (which, according to the reviews) is not unusual. Back home we settled down to watch Kalyug, Shyam Benegal's flawed interpretation of the Mahabharat in the corporate world.

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