Monday, May 20, 2002

The Clowns didn't break Spidey's opening box office record, but I'm sure it's going to recover every worthless cent invested in it. Sorry for being overtly critical/cynical about it, but ever since Herr Lucas decided to digitally touch up his 3 contributions to the list of top blockbusters of all time with CG foundation, I stopped following the magic of the series. The principles for dispute are not unlike those behind the endless LP vs CD debate. And who needs prequels anyway? The mysterious Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader should have stayed mysterious. And since when did CG supersede good old-fashioned storytelling?? Needless to say, Herr Lucas has gone and put in more racial stereotypes (remember Jar Jar Binks in the ghostly menace?) in the latest prequel (Prequels made in sequence, ha!). I can hear rumbles from the SW fan club right now: wasn't Spider-Man screened in over a thousand theatres while Ep2/AOTC made it only to theatres equipped with digital projectors.

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