Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Pancham fans unite...the magic of electronic communication and music conjure new friendships

So I met Renu Thamma, an RDB fan from Boston on the Yahoo! list. The thread that brought us in contact was an interesting discussion about 'Aise Na Thukrao' from Zabardast. To quote Shashi from his post:

Nasir Hussain's insistence in once again adding more commercialism to his last venture ZABARDAST led to the ignorance/cancellation of
the originally composed song 'Suno Sitamgar'. Not finding it commercial enough, Nasir preferred to picturise this song as Jaya-teases-Sunny song - an oft repeated theme of Nasir Hussain's movies. Hence Pancham was forced to re-record a hashed-up Genesis inspired 'Aise Na Thukrao' - which was too late to make it to the original soundtrack print. Hence you find this number in T-Series compilations - not in the original T-Series/Venus soundtrack.

We exchanged information and song listings for some rarities that we had each unearthed and in one of her last emails for the day, she talked about how she ordered CDs from Rhythm House and had them shipped to her home in India. She had praise for them because their online catalog seemed "to be linked real-time to their inventory" But their search engine (to quote her): "... words fail me here .. the exact same keyword on two consecutive searches will produce different results. Searching on 'burman' will not return 'Amit Kumar sings for R D Burman' but a search on 'amit' will return the same CD. The bloke (or bloke-ette) who they hired for their e-commerce site should be tied to a chair and be made to listen to Sridevi sing, IMO... Touché.

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