Monday, May 13, 2002

horrible Writing at its best

After the carnage: the predatory 'intelligentsia' by Rajeev Srinivasan. Yes, he tries to make several points all over the place with the palette of a surrealist, but gets nowhere. Coherent thought is the essence. Take an idea, nourish it, nurture it (as Gulzar once said), and you will have fodder for a dozen articles. Squeeze in too much into a single writeup and you end up lost and losing readers.

After some drizzles today, the evening gave in to a cold sweeping wind. Which was nice for a change, but I'm sure a lot of people would have wished otherwise. All said and done, with the TV set being amenable and not crashing out on me, I could watch UNFORGIVEN (on VHS, but letter-boxed, before I got too ticked off with the old irritating 'pan-and-scan'. Great movie with its gentle pace and mild unobtrusive background motif. Lots to study for film schools, especially the interesting takes on the established Western genre (even the final dedication to Sergio [Leone] and Don [Siegel], who respectively defined Eastwood's on-screen persona with 'The Man With No Name' and 'Dirty Harry'). Deserved every ripe tomato it got on Rotten Tomatoes. {AFI Top 100: #98}

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