Saturday, May 18, 2002

Movie tonight: Forrest Gump. A wonderful film that I wish I had seen in the cinema halls. Great soundtrack (It's a fun exercise to understand how the songs push the narrative by trying to figure out what the song means in the context that you hear it). Tom Hanks doesn't disappoint (compare this restrained performance to the over-schmaltzy take by Sean Penn in I Am Sam), and neither does anyone else in the cast. The editing aids the screenplay in never letting you feel the length of the movie. Although Zemeckis doesn't spend too much time developing characters, he lets the historical tapestry of events involving Forrest take centre stage. Alan Silvestri's score is subdued and only surfaces in full force as the closing credits roll up the screen. the second DVD adds to the mirth with special behind-the-scenes features from the production design, sound engineering and visual FX departments. Cool outtakes: the edited encounters with Martin Luther King Jr. and George Bush Sr.

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