Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Pancham inspiration for the week

I visited the Music Listening Room (aka MLR) at the Georgia Tech Student Centre today and finally got a chance to listen to Donna Summer's I Feel Love (Her second Top 10 R&B and pop hit from 1977, also to be found on I Remember Yesterday) off the live LP Live and More. Why was I listening to this? Well, listen to that chord progression and the rhythm programming and if you are an R D Burman your ears will perk up -- Pyaar Karnewaale Pyaar Karte Hain Shaan Se from Shaan {bollybob review} { DVD review}. One can almost picture him sitting there working on a tune for the lyrics and then hearing this song and jumping up to finish off another entertaining composition. The melody has nothing to do with the Donna Summer original, mind you. Listen to Shaan on MusicIndiaOnline and a clip from I Feel Love (track #8) off

An interesting part about Donna Summer's song is the extensive use of a flanged tone spanning the speakers/headphones, almost like the wind in an airfield. When we had performed this song for our college gathering, I had ventured using the flanger for a similar goal as an embellishment, without having ever heard the Donna Summer original (although the RDB song has generous little sprinkles of processed guitar sound throughout the song too). Delicious coincidence.

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