Friday, May 24, 2002

Sona, Gump and two loud dogs
So, thanks to the interest I generated in a friend about Sona Imports, an Indian store for audio/visual material in Decatur, GA, I got a free ride again to the place. Thankfully my friend was impressed as well. Made a few more purchases (what else can you do with so much to choose from)

Evergreen Hits of R D Burman (CD | T-series) {which was the catalyst of my trip. See Radio Pancham}

Karm/Mukti (CD | HMV)

Dil Tera Hua (with 3 songs from Parinda as a bonus) (CD | Weston)

Anokha Pancham (Audio Cassette | HMV) {This one has an interesting gramophone logo and the recording company is actually called GCIL - Gramophone Company of India Limited ... strange}

My roommate has reached the first leg of his long drive west -- Fortworth, TX. Great going.

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