Monday, May 27, 2002

As Promised, Microsoft to Offer Concealable Icons: An update to the Windows XP operating system will let users hide the computer screen icons of some Microsoft programs. {my last update}

Venture capitalists Still on the Lookout for New Technologies: When Paypal's chief technology officer, Max R. Levchin, accepted Technology Review magazine's award for innovator of the year in Cambridge, Mass., on Thursday, it was an indication that innovation on the Web, while not close to its level of two or three years ago, is far from dead.

New Order of Web Researchers May Rise From Jupiter's Ashes: Components of Jupiter Media Metrix, once one of the most prominent Internet research firms, are being bought by rivals who want to continue in the same business. Yes, that's right. They sold their key patents and international contracts to NetRatings, their main competitor.

From a Few Colored Lines Come the Sounds of Music: A new software called Hyperscore lets the musically illiterate compose complex works. No musical notes and notations required.

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