Thursday, May 02, 2002

Hilarious eBay auction items
Indian Horror Soundtrack - Anita 1967: (note link will become invalid once the auction ends): Were we happy to find out that there is something as an 'Indian Horror Movie' genre . And unlike western films: a soundtrack was always made! The first which we ever dug up is the really obscure b-film Anita from 1967. There are two awesome, terryfingly creepy instrumentals here. The second one starts of with a kind of hypnotic rhythm-box-like bossa nova rhythm which was definitely recorded in some smelly, humid cellar. Yeah, time is ticking...... After some time an eerie organ comes in, which plays plays weird scales (and the theme from Thunderball!). A mesmerizing xylophone or something of the kind sounds.... Finally the whole horror orchestra comes in, accompanying the shadow of a Huge, Horrible, Gigantic Creature! Horns!!! Violins!!! More Horns!!! More Violins!!!! Horrifying, Indian style. One of those tracks you could impossibly imagine it exists. But it does! Also nice: there are 3 Hindi dialogs on the record where Anita speaks with a guy who sounds most like a stalker. Many little 'Oh & ah!' like sounds by Anita.

Bappi Lahiri Wicked INDIAN DISCO OST: (note link will become invalid once the auction ends): NOW: This record contains Bappi Lahiri�s ultimate Disco Instrumental EVER as intro to a Amitabh Bachan song!!! If you just cannot make your friends understand why you�re into Hindi OST madness: this track will do the work for you, and explain everything for you right away. The song piles the one cool clich� on top of the other like only Indian Music Directors can. DANGEROUSLY WILD & BERSERK!! Prelude to this massive madness is Strauss� Also Sprach Zarathustra. After that it is just one big orgy of Moogs, Horns, out of time Disco Choirs, violins and �. wicked Vocoder vocals! IRRESPONSIBLE AND ABSOLUTELY FLOORFILLING! Fat sound! (1982)

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