Saturday, May 04, 2002

Ordering Groceries in Aisle 'www' (free subscription required)
Tatiana Hoover lives two blocks from the D'Agostino supermarket at 91st Street and Columbus Avenue, and yet for the last few months she has been ordering her groceries from that store via the Internet...

India Store haul: yes, my trips to the Indian store are reaping enough rewards to merit another meaningless blog entry.
VHS rentals: Aag Se Khelenge, Ajanabee, Andar Baahar, Lava, Naukar, Suraksha, Ankhiyon ke Jharokhon Se (thanks to my roomie)
DVD rental (thanks to my roomie): Do Chor
Audio cassette buys: Khoobsurat/Alaap, Shareef Badmash/Warrant/Chhupa Rustam, The Train/Gambler, Anamika/Paraya Dhan

We tried out an Ethiopian restaurant there called Queen of Sheba. Compared to Meskerem in Adams Morgan, this one had the option of separate orders (Ethiopian restaurants forward the idea of breaking bread together and all the orders are served in a single dish on a large injera and each person has a couple of little injera rolls to dig in to the spread. Adds to the appeal of the cuisine.) and also had miserly paper towelettes. Low marks for that. The food was OK, but it's hard to top Meskerem.

Movies for the evening:
Ankhiyon ke Jharokhon Se { the music of AKJS}
The Princess Bride

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