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Pancham on eBay (NOTE: all item URLs will become outdated once the auctions are over)

BURMAN Erotic Nightclub decadence INDIAN OST (Kati Patang, 1970) : Aaargh!! The absolute paramount track in Hindi Nightclub decadence!!! Killer stuff to fill the dancefloor and convert it to Indian Schizophrenia! Ultimate percussive erotic track, R.D. Burmans trademark, sung by an ultimate sexy Asha Boshle. An Burman himself also singing! On top of a ultra groovy percussive theme Asha teases Burman all through the Nightclub, every once in a while unleashing a party of Elephants playing Brass to provides for the frantic interludes! Heavy surf Guitars!! You won�t believe your ears. Ultra Groovy! Absolute top, absolute rare and an absolute quintessential Burman soundtrack!!

INDIAN OST WEIRDNESS RD BURMAN (Abdullah, 1979, Polydor 2392-193) : FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS!! This LP contains the absolute testomony of RD Burman�s twisted mind, this time expressed in an oriental way. Clapping, howling & panting freaks open the song, a man is being hit by a woman. After that oriental drums & violins all over the place. Wicked & Weird, and many many percussions samples.

Other cool desi auctions
Hippie Beat Indian OST EP '74 - BADHTI KA NAAM DADHI: BADHTI KA NAAM DADHI - Kishore Kumar. Cover of this EP suggests a sort of stoned soul picnic by dressed up Indian madmen and women. Music is accordingly. Maybe drugs was involved or singer/composer Kishore Kumar is really disturbed. Hippie style beat music with lots of Indian influences, la la la female singing, moog from hell, wah wah guitar, jazz sax, english phrases. "Yeh Jawani Din Char" (sung by the later Disco king Bappi Lahiri!) on side one could have been on Burman's Jawani Diwana or Hare Rama Hare Krishna. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Lahiri has been ghost writing here because it ranks high in my favorite Indian beat tunes. Check it out, it's pretty unknown! Four tunes. NM-. EMI 7EPE 7051, 1974, India.

THE CHEAT - Rare Indian Gangster OST EP : THE CHEAT - Laxmikant Pyarelal. I really like the cover of this obscure, off beat Indian soundtrack EP. I guess this guy cheats in games, life and love. Music is typical for Laxmikant Pyarelal with nice snake-charm melodies, chorus and much loud tribal percussion. A bit hypnotic for the right ear. Tranquilising. Never seen it or heard about it before. Film is also very obscure. It was produced by Mona Lisa Films... Excellent. EMI 7EPE 7117, 1974, India.

RARE INDIAN JAZZ OST - 1968 - Instrumental EP : One really spectacular Indo Jazz curiosity from Bombay 1968! Sleeve shows Indian trumpet player Chic Chocolate from GOA (he looks like Louis Armstrong but he's full blooded Indian) who worked as the arranger on most jazz oriented Indian soundtracks from the sixties. This very limited edition of one of his background scores was released because of his death in 1968. These four instrumental tunes featured in the swinging sixties film Aakhri Khat from 1967, with a lot of club hopping in Nightly Bombay in it. The titles are: Tickle Me Not, Contessa, Excitement, Feel Chic. Best tune to me is Contessa with wild, driving bossa beats like on a R.D. Burman track. But there's rock combo with horns and percussion on all four. With wild drum and guitar solos! Like the crazy, funky tunes you might know from Teesri Manzil or Jewel Thief. They are between 4 and 2 minutes. With that typical Indian twist. Very recommended! For any ethno jazz or - rock collector or soundtrack freak. We also have the regular EP from Aakhri Khat on auction this week with the famous Elvis style tune "Rut Jawan Jawan". Record and cover NM. Angel Records TAE 1465 India, 1968.

Indian Elvis Clone EP - OST 1967 AAKHRI KHAT : AAKHRI KHAT - Khayyam. This soundtrack EP features "Rut Jawan Jawan". It's one of the few recordings by Bhupendra who was the Indian Elvis. It's a blues balad, with accoustic bass playing, drums and jazzy muted trumpet (played by the great Chic Chocolat). the west they didn't make 'm this sweet! Believe me, this EP is one to have! We also have the EP with the rock/jazz/exotica background score for the same swinging sixties film from bombay '67. For any Elvis clone collector, soundtrack freak or ethno jazz enthusiast! Cover is nice and very weird but missrepresents the music and film because it is about decadent club hopping beatniks who live at night. Excellent. ANGEL TAE 1333 1967.

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