Saturday, May 24, 2003

AVS-o-rama (being a reaction to the weekly AVS show) [previous post in thread]

Shehnaz Treasurywalla was the guest host today and also presented the reviews received for her début Ishq Vishk, directed by Indian music video wunderkind Ken Ghosh. Very much at ease (after all, she was an MTV VJ, so she has had enough experience), she was a refreshing change from the usual hosts (who, despite all instruction from coaching classes about presentations, kept indulging in the irritating hands-open/hands-close distracting actions while talking....!!), and also a welcome break from the desi_amru accent. Surprise, surprise! The film is a hit in Bombay ... and people there are opining alike the NRIs here ('everyone should see this film' --- GIVE ME A BREAK!!). Dabba acting, half-baked songs. Tcha!

And then there was more on Armaan, which as Deepa Gumaste rightly pointed out, is a movie that can be summarised well by just watching the preview (despite the casting coup of the Big B, Anil and Randhir). A retake on Dil Apana Aur Preet Parayee (which gave us the evergreen antakshari/party song ajiib daastaa.n hai ye), with some dhaa.Nsu (mildly translated as 'marvellous' --- there's no word in English to adequately capture the sarcasm and praise loaded in the word) dialogue upgrades and NRI-esque elements. Visually, the film promises some nice colour blends, but Gracy Singh looks weak (as an actress), the dialogue is weak (and this is from an established script/dialogue writer making her directorial début), and the songs didn't really gell with moi. Jaane do. Next!

And then there was another remix video (replete with semi-clad desi ba.ndiyaa.N and innuendo ideal for the whole family to watch[sic]). This time it was a song from the canon dedicated to the Southie-producer-backed image of good ol' anti-Labour-Day white-shoed Jeetendra: ek aa.Nkh maaruu.N to (with a refrain going bhankas), a Kishore-Asha duet from the Bappi-scored Tohfa (which also contains some of the most outrageously written-composed-picturised songs ever!). HISTORICAL NOTE: The film was a big hit, thus accounting for the lack of taste in the 80s.

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