Friday, May 02, 2003

odds and ends

William Gibson on blogging | Scientists who cracked the SARS genetic code acknowledge a debt to the Internet | the Shiv Sena rallies to make the trishul the kirpaan of the Hindus | Bappi Lahiri wins his case against Truth Hurts and Dr Dre ("There is a difference between taking the original track and adapting. I agree I adapted several tunes but I never lifted an original tune and used it as mine. I never followed the xerox copy formula. Besides, the films that I was composing for were themselves copied from Hollywood.") | K L Saigal's birth centenary rolls up two days from now | Debutante director Sanjay Jha talks about his first release Pran Jaaye Par Shaan Na Jaaye (aka Even if Pran's not around, we can still make Shaan AKA Pran [the actor] can go but Shaan [the singer] can ... pity that!). {rolling on the floor laughing at personal "groan" humour} | Patriotism (aka pop jingoism [Jingo ... Jingo ah ah ah ) according to Bollywood

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