Tuesday, May 13, 2003

blogdex bushel

Preliminary note: The good weather persists. Clear blue sky. Calm breeze. Sunshine.

Blogdex has been plagued with link spam and the results haven't been as great as they used to be (besides, politics and political humour aren't really something that clicks for me). Today's visit at long last got me some interesting results:

The first release of the Technorati API {Personal note: Bone up on the Technorati weblog index and search engine} {According to its Link Cosmos, my blog has 13 inbound links. The Horror! The Horror!}

The Happy Fun Pundits have put together a top 10 list of the things he hates most about Star Trek (and gets loads of interesting feedback too) {author corrigendum: Chris}

An ad for a Klingon language interpreter is the stuff of urban legend.

Google is going to create a search tool specifically for blogs. Will this move blogs off the main search path into their own private space? If so, there are implications good (the Google Bombs will subside) and bad (the average user doesn't see blogs in the search results unless he/she specifically indicates -- by clicking a hyperlink, perhaps -- his/her desire to see them)

The History of the Internet according to the Lemon

50 Reasons to reject The Matrix: Reloaded (warning: potential spoilers!!!)

Jayson Blair's elaborate trail of deception (NOTE: free registration required) at the NYT raises unpleasant issues of diversity and multi-culturalism. William Safire op-eds with more thoughts from within (NOTE: free registration required).

(Another link seen yesterday, posted today)An former Oregon spammer talks about the trade

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