Saturday, May 03, 2003

bacon and eggs/lockwood and lamont

With the thunder lightning and rain yesterday evening, it was rather appropriate that we sat down to watch the 2002 restored print of Singin' in the Rain (it's a 2-DVD set loaded with extras, but the agenda for the evening was just the movie). Every time I watched it in the past, (the first time on a bad videoprint), I placed it as my favourite musical of all time. I was almost afraid I'd stop liking it, but all such doubts were put to rest. The jokes, the songs, the incredibly synchronized breathtaking dances --- this is a perfect 10 from the musical genre. And it's still tough to tell that Kelly was running a high fever when he danced to the title song. Infectious enthusiasm in every drop. We'll miss you Gene. Some of the jokes were funnier this time around too, perhaps because of the other movies I have caught in the interim. A great way to beat the rain.

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