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ebay watch [the auction seer is back after a long hiatus]

The guys at Bombay Beats have some more cool desi LPs up for auction, with teaser sound clips available off their website. {note: All links to auction items below may be invalidated after the auctions end}

* Funky BOLLYWOOD Soundtrack JOSHILA RD BURMAN: This is a very, very cool Indian soundtrack for the Dev Anand film "Joshila" from 1973, Burman's best period. As cool beats, crime jazz, hammond stuff is concerned: the song "Kaanp Rahi Main" scores a 10. It's spectacular, but not hysteric, so this will not injure your ears! The beat is sixties funk / latin / bossa with copshow horns playing an exciting tune (sample this!!!!!) and then nice singing and hammond riffs plus weird instrumental intermezzi. Other tracks that have cool stuff on it: "Sona Rupa Layo Re" is psychedelic with sixties beat, hippie trance singing (!!!!!), moog effects with great chase beat ending. "Jo Baat Isharon" is a ballad with nice percussion / sitar stuff. Other strange sample could be the intro of side 2, with very deep tuned percussion/slave choir/flutes/trip violins. Recommended! India 1973 Original 1st print fold-out cover. Cover VG+, record VG+

* Bizarre Bollywood DISCO Bappi Lahiri: Aaargh! Bappi's most demented Disco soundtrack ever. Contains 3 completely BERSERK disco instrumental. Quite short but extremily effective. Bizarre, ingenious, cheesy and dangerous. One of the instrumentals derails completely. At last a real Disco Inferno! Beware! Serious danger for permanent mind reprogramming. Might make your mind permanantly unsuitable for Western life. Also contains two Lahiri brand disco songs with crazy interludes. many samples & all that!! India, 1986. Sleeve VG+ (Ringwear, spinewear) Record VG++

* KILLER sexy BOLLYWOOD MOOG FUNK "Commander": Sexy jungle moog funk! Get ready for the ultimate KILLER FUNK ALBUM by Kalyandji Anandji: "Commander". Not often on ebay, very hard to find. Has amazing hard funk grooves. One long instrumental, which is just the sum of everything you want from Bollywood Funk. Fat, slow open beat, sexy panting lady, funky moogs, plenty bleeps & weird sounds. Towards the end the lady almost comes. Accompanied by strange jungle birds & and a choir of Zombies! The B-side features a fab sexy song by Asha Boshle: also a slow open beat full of weird sounds. Asha does her unsurpassed giggling. Interruptions of a too funky Horn section, a creepy wind is blowing and the same choir of Zombie complete the Bollywood trip on your dancefloor. Ultimate! India 1981, Polydor/Music India 2392 303. Sleeve between VG+ & VG++ (some wear at the edges) Record VG++ (Has one inaudible surfacemark on 2 uninteresting tracks. Very loud pressing)

* funky MOOG bollywood INDIAN HORROR OST Hotel: Wow!!! An Indian soundtrack to the a film called �HOTEL�, with tombstones & crucifixes on the cover. Made by the infamous Ramsay brothers who made a whole string of c-grade Hindi Horror films. And this is one of the few with great music. A genuine Disco Horror soundtrack, and without exagaration: of absolute top Quality! On top of A slow suspensy Disco beat the Indian lady sings genuine Hindi Horror, telling the tale of the doomed Hotel�.Every now and then filmic, terrifying interludes of strange horror Moog effects, desolate winds blowing, creepy bombastic horns� Next to that another great Disco Song in Bappi Lahiri style. The style had to be invented by Indians: Horror Banjo Disco. On top of this: two sublime instrumentals. One Lounge Funk instrumental, and one in a strange Morricone Raga style. India 1981. Cover VG+, Record VG+, quite some surface marks but very loud pressing so sounds fine.

* Ultimate 60's BOLLYWOOD JAZZ lp Upkar: Ultimate 60's BOLLYWOOD NIGHTCLUB JAZZ lp Upkar - original cover
The ultimate hindi nightclub jazz LP: Upkar, by kalyandji/Anandji. Contains the sexy late night jazz sleaze track 'Gulabi Raat Gulabi', which means 'Rose of the Night'. Intro is a dialogue in the nightclub: 'Hi Julie, how you find this? Try one!', and then all contrabases & horns come in, and Asha kicks off... Amazing interludes! Classic track, hard to find in the original sleeve. India 1967, original cover, record & cover VG++

* BOLLYWOOD BURMAN funky LP 1972: RD Burman: far out INDIAN SOUNDTRACK: Apna Desh. A soundtrack by RD Burman from his top funky-experimental period: Apna Dash from 1972. Contains, yet again plenty panting & weird stuff. A great great cover, which pictures Crazy Nightlife Indian Style. Would we love to look like this guy! (And dance like him. But I guess we'll never make it. Nor shall we ever attract the attention of an Indian lady like that). And the record lives up to it, 1000 fold!!! The top track is Nightclub track(they say: Cabaret song) which is with ease in Burmans top 10. Jazzy Asha Boshle, and loads of full psych intermezzo's from the Master. Organs, Loud Horns, frantic guitars. Violent singing by Burman, Loads of strange Percussion playing uncommon Rhythms. Loads of samples! Odeon 1972, MOCEC 7542 Cover VG++ (One corner creased, stamp on front) Record VG++ plays with the regular indian noise

* LISTEN! 1964 Bollywood HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU: 1964 Bollywood HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU in HINDI !! A must for every contemporary 60's styled Bollywood Birthday Party. Groovy interludes and a fascinatingly weird female choir. Sung by Asha, Rafi & manna Dey. Music by Ravi. This is the 1979 issue of the 1964 film. Sleeve VG++, record unplayed.

* Rare BOLLYWOOD Background score VIJETA: Rare BOLLYWOOD Background score. One of the very few albums that contains a large portion of the bacground score to a Hindi film. This film is called Vijeeta and the B-side is filled enterily with back ground music. Mad, boombastic, lush orchestral bollywood stuff. The best part are the funky hindi blaxploi-style chase crampers. Going completly berserk! India 1982, Sleeve VG+, record VG++, plays with some noise due to pressing.

Indian LP quality tips This is straight off the Bombay Beats grading page. Quite useful:
NOTE: Indian pressings of filmmusic can be quite bad, especially before 1977 or so. This has two reasons: first of all the music was compressed to match the limited freqeuncy range of the celluloid. This was done while recording the master tape and therefore the LP's have the same dull sound. Secondly the pressing quality was often quite bad. Most lp's have noise or even distortion in certain passages. Sometimes a record looks mint but sounds VG+. This is an unavoidable experience in collecting hindi film music. If the pressing is worse than average, I consider this in my grading.

Non-film Lp's sound in general better because the mastertapes were not compressed. Also the side distortions seem less. Foreign releases can even sound good.

After 1976 or so pressing quality becomes better. After 1977 the recording equipment improves and rigid compression is absent. Nevertheless: you can come across a C-grade 1983 Bappi soundtrack that sounds like a 1972 score because it was recorded in a louzy studio. With R.D. Burman it is the same: Caravan sounds quite fine, Heera Panna from the same period sounds terrible!

NOTE ABOUT THE SLEEVES: Maybe 50% of Indian records have seamsplits. Not at the sleeve opening, but mostly at the back spine or at the left side of the lower & upper spine. This is because of the plastic innersleeves: they were pressed into the sleeve, and caused seamsplits. Often you don't really notice these seam splits.

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