Wednesday, May 28, 2003

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{source: The Trademark Blog}

Remember that line? That and several other banner ads plagued Internet surfers (who didn't use an IE addon to block popup ads or didn't switch to Mozilla) -- part of an aggressive banner ad campaign from Bonzi (also responsible for the purple ape) with a twist: these banner ads often looked like Windows dialogue boxes. And these were deceptive, said attorney Darrell Scott of the Washington state firm Lukins & Annis, which brought the suit against Bonzi last November and was seeking class-action status. Bonzi just settled and agreed that:

  • Future Bonzi ad banners designed to look like Windows dialogue boxes will contain the word "Advertisement" and it will be the same size as other words in the header.

  • Bonzi ads won't contain minimize, maximize, or "x" buttons that do not actually perform their usual function.

  • "OK" buttons on such dialogue boxes will be changed to read "More Info."

  • Bonzi's ads will also no longer assert that users' computers are "broadcasting" their IP addresses

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