Thursday, May 22, 2003

MS Watch: usability

Just added an RSS feed for Microsoft Watch. Getting there was a pain in the usabilty-equivalent of a gluteus. I visit the main page and scroll down looking for the familiar "XML" icon {white-on-orange XML icon} ...

[SIDENOTE: Several people have observed that since this points to an RSS feed, it should read RSS and not XML. Aah well...] [DECAFBAD post: RSS icon in CSS and HTML with comments]... Back to the main thread ...

Sure enough (thankfully, I must add) I find an item in the right sidebar with the icon and text to its right saying "Microsoft Watch via RSS". I copy the URL that clicking the image would take me to and paste it into Feedreader and it complains!! Turns out it's a link to another ASP page that provides information about the RSS feeds, and this is where I find the correct link Gaah! Just when everyone was used to the icons MSFT (indirectly) added some ambiguity. Aaargh!

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