Wednesday, May 28, 2003

miscellaneous desi entertainment threads [aka when the Times Of India runs out of stuff to write about]

Subhash K Jha wonders if a film's title ensures box-office success (probably because he hasn't been getting too many good soundtracks to review) | Bollywood flicks dazzle the overseas market and Hollywood prepares to sell Indian films, which will probably mean more skin-flicks in the name of family entertainment | Mahesh Manjrekar is all set to do a Sunil Dutt (Yaadein) | The Cannes management team prefers Goa as the venue for India International Film Festivals (I2F2), whatever they may be (perhaps another excuse to screen Devdas) | With Bhoot scheduled for release on Friday, Ram Gopal Varma shares some more thoughts (Subhash K Jha again -- wish they'd get more intelligent questions to ask him) [Personal note: Great website] | The title of Raveena's Stumped echoes its own fate at the box office | The Big B is awarded another outrageous award (the 'Shahenshah' of the Indian Film Industry --- Indian???) that has little to do with acting and more with glitz and moolah

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