Saturday, May 24, 2003

panchamemorial weekend

What better way to begin the wonderful weekend (the great weather that débuted yesterday evening continued today) than with some streaming Pancham and an online conference with fellow fans. The stream comprised recordings of an old Akashvaani programme called Merii Sa.ngiit Yaatraa featuring R D Burman, Gulzar, and Asha Bhosle discussing film music, especially Pancham's compositions. Lots of trivia, and a lot of great melodies implied complete aural pleasure.

The only other act of significance seems to have been a short trip to Taj prior to the actual session to rent some VHS tapes. Turned out my account with the store had remained unused for so long it had been re-assigned, so I signed up for a new one, inaugurating it with three tapes: Haveli (The Ramsay flick starring Rakesh Roshan), Khatron Ke Khiladi (with Mithun and Puru Raj Kumar not the Madhuri-Sanjay Dutt starrer) and Shiva ka Insaaf (not to be confused with the Jackie Shroff starrer made in 3D in the wake of the success of Chota Chetan/My Dear Kuttichatan). I also grabbed a copy of the soundtrack for Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar! on tape. For 50 cents, this is a steal and also the first time I've got some desi merchandise at a price lower than its price in India (which means, this is really a discount).

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