Wednesday, May 28, 2003

ebay seer: back to back

The guys at Bombay Beats are going great guns. If yesterday's haul wasn't enough, this seer is pleased to note some more items up for grabs:

* CHOR POLICE burman experimental BOLLYWOOD OST: Ultra rare R.D. Burman LP. "CHOR" means "THIEF". When a Burman score is called THIEF POLICE do I need to explain more? One track has a the weirdest, eeriest Moog intro ever and goes into equally weird singing by Asha. Asha weirded out Moog intro and psychedelic singing by Asha. Wicked experimental interludes. The other track has a moog/flute intro with zombies and strange dissocisiating rhythms and more zombies, moogs and shalimar style brass in the interludes. Top obscure crime Burman. India 1982. Cover VG++, Record VG++ (has tiny bit surface wear) {Personal note: This is actually a very very interesting movie)

* BOLLYWOOD RD Burman OST SHALIMAR Original: Legendaric Indian funk-Sitar Moog soundtrack in original 1978 edition. The ultimate Bollywood Funk. With the classic floorfiller. Let's do the Cha Cha Cha. But there is TONS more: The twilight-zone-funk title music, the coctail jazz of 'Countes Caper', the sleazy funk of Let's dance together and last but not least the eerie "Mera Pyar, Shalimar" lounge track. Wicked stuff. Original pressing 1978 of Shalimar, Cover NM has two doors, record VG++, some noise due to pressing.

* Sample BOLLYWOOD HORROR LOUNGE ost: Contains 'Main Kaun Hoon' by Lata. A lwicked ong, deep, & loungy track that has a dark suspense atmsophere and thrilling Horror interludes. Absolutetely fab track. The opening of the track is a ready made sample for some Hip Hop hindi chartbuster, by the way. Listen yourself! EMI India, EALP 4062, 1975. Cover between VG+ & VG++, Record VG++.

* wicked BOLLYWOOD DISCO FUNK samples BABLA: Babla is the younger brother of Kalyandji/Anadji (from a family of nuts & dried fruit sellers!) He joined the brothers in the late 60's Contains and started to arrange the rhythm section. He did a lot of the instrumental work for Rafoo Chakkar, Bairaag and Dharmatma. Later he and his wife Kanchan became big names in the caribeans. And they still are, releasing album after album & touring exstensively. This is Babla's 2nd and best album from 1978: Babla 's Disco Sensation. Yes: sensation. Filled till the top with loud, wicked beats. Dancefloor fillers. And what a fat samples. And there is even some sitar!

* KILLER Bollywood FUNK LOUNGE LP Sadma: This is probably the ULTIMATE bollywood LOUNGE FUNK LP. Contains two absolutely amazing tracks that are addicting, beautiful and the same time startlingly surprising & original. On top of that: this is the only LP I know to exist of the underrated 'RECORDER FUNK' genre. Yo! The LOUNGE track rates in my top five of Hindi songs. It is of an uncommon laid-back ease and yet changing colour like a chameleon all the time. Recorder breaks, lounge sax solo's, sexy singing and synth stuff. The FUNK track is a dazzling mix of heavy guitar riffs, intricate rhythms, recorder breaks and classical-Indian-singing-gone-funk and a couple of elephants passing by. Listen for your self! Sleeve VG+ Record VG++, has some noise in the qiuet passages. Loud pressing.

* Sermon+Redman ORIGINAL BOLLYWOOD sample LP: Hey, check this out! Incredibly rare Bollywood soundtrack LP that Erick Sermon & Redman used for their hit REACT. This is from a 1963 Bollywood movie, and the sample is of the voice of Asha Boshle. As you can hear they used tiny slices of a completely different song. Creative sampling, for sure. The used line means: "If someone fancies suicide, what is one to do??". We managed to dig up a copy in unplayed condition and a VG++ cover. Many early 60's movies were never issued on LP or 7", this is the first edition on LP, from 1979. India 1979, Sleeve VG++ (10 cm left spine split seam), Record NM (unplayed)

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