Tuesday, May 06, 2003

customer support: a baptism

So I finally got my chance to interact with customer support today. The muzak was brief, and the gentleman at the other end never for a moment made me feel like a dud. And I was behaving like one: I hadn't opened a computer in 4 years, and things had changed. The processor used to be this little square piece of integrated circuitry plugged into the motherboard. Now it came with a huge industrial weight encapsulated in a plastic green chute cap made in Mexico. After a back-breaking hour, we finally nailed the problem (the processor was loose ... Good God!). And then the monitor decided to kick the bucket (or the equivalent in its world of affairs). I now have a little Gateway (smaller than my original, who sits on the side behind me, unplugged and singing the Dell blues) monitor to keep me occupied. Not a bad first experience, but I don't think I want more.

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