Saturday, May 03, 2003

avs snapshots [previous post in thread]

Qayamat: City Under Threat (the title sounds like 'John Woo does Bollywood') has Ajay Devgan looking more and more like Mahesh Manjrekar in Kaante. Of course the moment I start wondering why the city is under threat, I found out: the songs (LOL).

The more I see star sons in films the more I compare them to canned food: they don't really get to soak in anything by way of experience. All you do with them is take them out of the can, wash off the preservatives, and cook.

And then there's the new Daddy mix Kishore remix video kah duu.N tumhe.n, which takes off liberally from the opening of Boogie Nights.

And it was a real surprise to see Uday Benegal introducing the new much-awaited video for Kabhi Nahin with Adnan Sami and the Big B hamming away gloriously (check the video out: a veritable entertainer mercifully devoid of any commercial-minded waifs in various stages of undress) [more about the video]

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