Monday, May 26, 2003


Not satisfied with ironically winning the case against Truth Hurts, Bappi has now collaborated with QuickSilver Records (byline: a serious music company), an LA-based recordign company, to create his remixes of 10 of his own songs (another pot/kettle scenario, like Asha doing Rahul and I and then screaming out against the remixes based on RD Burman compositions). Enlisting the services of his son Bappa and his daughter Rema, Bappi has created (nay concocted) Bappiwood Remixes {see also: Amazon page}
Bappi's Album Cover.

note: The May 2003 issue of Little India, which carried the blurb that gave me most of this information, says that the American recording company was called Serious Music. Despite the humour in that name, methinks they got the name wrong. Waiting for additional input to be sure.

followup: The TOI is also running a little press release (complete with Bappi's smiling face hidden by large cheap goggles and an aura of flowing hair!) which says that the recording company is Serious Music (of course, the source could be the same as that of the Little India article I read). Still waiting for something more conclusive.
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