Friday, May 09, 2003

odds and ends

Kamal Hassan sings in English: I am stranded on the streets/And I got nowhere to go/Don't know what to do/And I don't know what to know/Groping in the dark/I'm searching for the light�

Sorry, took a break rolling on the floor. I just had a mind flash for a video with Kamal Saar in it. Ooh, my belly!

Dinesh Raheja looks back at Asit Sen's brooding Safar (for Kakaji fans: Suffer) | Prem Panicker takes a closer look at Adoor's Nizhalkuthu | If you're wondering who Adoor is, here's a retrospective | Deepa Gahlot makes a case for Murali Nair's Arimpara (selected for Cannes' 'Un Certain Regard') and bemoans the suffocating preponderance of mainstream Bollywood cinema[sic] | Shilpa Shetty joins the list of Bollywood vaasis to grace[sic] Cannes (see also: this cannes not be)

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