Sunday, May 05, 2002

Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se (aka Love means never having to say you're sorry):

* This 1978 Hiren Nag film for Rajshri Productions features Rajshri camp favourite Ravindra Jain writing and composing the songs for the film. Hemlata, Shailendra Singh, Jaspal Singh (who joins Hemlata for the 'bade badaai' song), and Ravindra Jain himself are the voices you hear. Nice hummable tunes and a good violin/piano theme for the opening credits that portends the heart-wrenching story of unfulfilled love that is about to unfold (the theme owes a lot to Nino Rota's theme for Coppola's The Godfather, but has its own appealing take to escape classification as a cheap ripoff). And yes, there's enough in the songs to forgive the grammatical lapses (How I can, tell me how I can) of "ek din".

* Nominated for Filmfare Awards (Best Film, Best Music, Best Lyrics (title song), Best Female Playback Singer (Hemlata for the title song) and Best Actress (Ranjeeta)), the film won nothing.

* Observant viewers may note the similarities between this film and the Eric Segal sob classic Love Story. In fact, there's a reference to Love Story in the film. Arun (Sachin) drops in to visit Lily (Ranjeeta) a day after she mysteriously faints at the roller skating rink (shades of Aa Gale Lag Jaa). When he leaves, he is whistling Francis Lai's theme from the 1970 classic. If you spot that, there's really no need for you to watch the rest of the film (even the songs are all over by this point, so all that is left is the classic descent into the melodramatic maelstrom of mainstream commercial Hindi cinema.

* The title track was also number one on Binaca Geetmala for 1978.

* Avoidable portions: the grating tired comedy of Junior Mehmood's character. Embarassing.

The Rajshri stamp: Not only does Ranjeeta Kaur as Lily Fernandes look like Bhagyashree as Suman (Maine Pyar Kiya), but Dil Deewana in the latter film has a visual composition similar to the title song of AKJS.

Delicious irony: Romance director Anil Ganguly�s telefilm on DD2 on Jan 6, 2001 was called Ankhiyon Ke Jharonkhon Se and it featured the Maine Pyar Kiya girl Bhagyashree in the lead.

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