Sunday, May 05, 2002

Musical tangents:

An old staple for jokes has been the misinterpretation of Hindi film song lyrics. Here are two examples that I can remember off-hand (no apologies these look or sound like goose eggs) {All songs are transcribed in ITRANS notation}

Question: A boy and a girl were sitting together on a staircase. Their eyes meet, and suddenly the staircase turns into a desert. What song is this?

aa.Nkho.n hii aa.Nkho.n me.n ishaaraa ho gayaa
baiThe baiThe jiine kaa sahaaraa ho gayaa

Explanation: jinaa is the Marathi word for staircase, and Sahara, as we all know, is a desert.

Question: The pig crocodile romance. The musical pig waits for the crocodile and sings a song. Which one?

Answer:chaa.Nd phir nikalaa, magar tum na aae

Explanation: magar is the Hindi word for crocodile.

Question: The pig crocodile romance continued. The crocodile prepares to eat the pig (ostensibly for its bad singing). The dying pig sings a song. Which one?

Answer: aaj kii raat mere dil kii salaamii le le

Explanation: Salami is a a highly seasoned sausage of pork (and beef) either dried or fresh.

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