Friday, May 10, 2002

Pancham on eBay: After long last (all links are alive so long as the auctions are on)

Indian ost/RD Burman/Bombay To Goa/Beach Boys: Indian soundtrack two-fer CD - BOMBAY TO GOA (1972) & WARIS (1969). Both scored composed by the greatest Indian soundtrack composer EVER�.Mr. Rahul Dev Burman. Another great Burman - you Beach Boys fans will dig �O Mehki Mehki Thandi Hawa,� which is basically just a blatant rip off of the Beach Boys �Help Me Rhonda.� And its great!! The other great track on this cd is �Listen To The Pouring Rain� - a song featuring �covers� of BE BOP A LOOLA, FEVER, TEMPTATION, and more. Believe me�it�s a killer!!

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