Friday, May 10, 2002

Recent Readings

Over the last couple of days I checked out a surfeit of "literature" from the Georgia Tech Library (which, it must be noted, pales both in technical/computer-science content as well as non-technical/liberal arts content) when compared with the University of Georgia Libraries; but we all know about beggars and choosers). Here goes:

Deliverance and other stories by Munshi Premchand : translated from the Hindi by David Rubin. Includes the famous Deliverance (Sadgati), which Satyajit Ray made into India's first telefilm (December, 1981) and The Chess Players (Shatranj Ke Khilaadi), which Ray adapted into his only Hindi film.

Collected poems and plays of Rabindranath Tagore: Includes the Nobel Prize-winning Gitanjali. Somehow, his poems lose a lot in translation.

Malgudi days by R.K. Narayan: Classic tales of an fictional little town in South India. Adapted into an excellent TV series by Shankar Nag.

There have been several foreign (read: non-Indian) poets to exercise the Ghazal form. Two of them are Federico Garc�a Lorca and Adrienne Rich. So I got some compilations of their poems

Poems: selected and new, 1950-1974 by Adrienne Rich

Adrienne Rich's poetry : texts of the poems : the poet on her work : reviews and criticism / selected and edited by Barbara Charlesworth Gelpi, Albert Gelpi.

Selected poems. Edited by Francisco Garc�a Lorca and Donald M. Allen.

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